The Hampi Bike Trip

As I sat there sipping my vodka and orange juice I starred at the steely grey waters of Ashwem beach, as the sun went down the sky burst in the evening colours of orange and red, I sat back to take another swig of my screwdriver and think about my first long bike ride through the beautiful Bangalore highway to the rustic scenes of Hampi to the Hippyness of Goa. Continue reading “The Hampi Bike Trip”

A Bonneville, a Thunderbird and Goa!

The alarm rang at 3:00 am, I hate to wake up to alarms you know, they are the worst, at least our modern alarms on our phones is a song or tune of our choice, remember those annoying beep beep alarm clocks? I till this day shudder to their sound. Continue reading “A Bonneville, a Thunderbird and Goa!”