Be a tsunami not just a ripple

By the lake, she sat and thought of her journey,
Riddled with hurdles and obstacles she thought,
What gave her the courage to continue,
What gave her the will, she knew not.

The things she enjoyed every day got a smile to her face,
The beauty of nature its enormity.
The resilience to carry on gave her strength,
But now it was time to change the course of her race.

Unlike the stones thrown in the lake that caused ripples to form,
They mean nothing they cause no impact,
She was out there to become a tsunami and do hell with the need to conform.

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

The world is full of wonder and mystery, as a little girl I once learned about what happened to the ancient Roman city Pompeii, all I learnt at that time was that the inhabitants of the city were hit by a massive volcanic explosion, the lava came gushing down on the city, freezing there helpless bodies through time. This always fascinated me and was one of my highlights for the Italy trip I made back in 2015.

You know how books only describe what a place is like, well my school books had pretty much altered facts, maybe just dumbing it down a bit for us Eight year olds, you experience history when you actually experience the place, not through vicarious means, and so did I, in this blog I’m going to talk about my visit to Pompeii, the ruins of the city, my hike to Mt. Vesuvius, which by the way is still an active volcano with a sprawling city of 3 million people just under the gargantuan. Continue reading “Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius”

10 ways to become a girl biker

I started riding about 2 years ago. Always had a craze for motorcycles since I was a kid, but was always afraid to ride. The parental pressure worked there. It all began when I forced my husband, my boyfriend back then to lend me his Avenger 200. Easy bike to ride, my feet touched the ground, it’s a nice cruiser to start off on. He helped me understand how the gears worked. Continue reading “10 ways to become a girl biker”