In Shots: Sunrise in Kasauli

My second time to Chandigarh was just another weekend trip through office. Saturday early morning flight took us to work and we got back Sunday afternoon. But this time around my team from Xpanxion and I did this impromptu trip to a close by hill station around 60 kms away and we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrises ever, and the 30 years that I have been on this earth it was my first.

The early morning taxi ride

The roads under construction, so it took longer than it should, load up on water and medicine, the roads are too twisty turning for the poor old stomach to handle.

There’s nothing like a bonfire with friends

We gathered some wood and hay and made a quick bonfire, the winter sun hadn’t come up yet.

The peeking sun

One of my shortest trips

Me standing closer to the ledge, these pictures are what I got from my friends, I wanted to look at the sunrise without a screen, without a filter. Just stood there marvelled at the beautiful giant behind the mountains.

Inshots is a new series of blogs I do where I show my journey in pictures, Pictures are courtesy my team mates from Xpanxion, Ruchika, Shubhi, Mayur and Mukund.

Have you been to Kausauli, share your thoughts on the the shortest trips you’ve done in the comments below. Subscribe to my blog by clicking on the follow button to the right.

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