A different Goa – Wildernest

Holidays in Goa are always fun aren’t they?, what would one associate them with, sandy beaches, the ocean, Kings beer, shacks, the seafood delights, sunny all the time. How ’bout I tell you about a place which has a forest, mountains, cool weather even in the month of May, cottages in the middle of a forest or over-looking a valley? You’d probably say Nah, are you kidding me that’s not the Goa I know, I’d say that’s the Goa you ought to visit.

The Road Trip

This is 2013, a bunch of friends and I planned to take a trip to Gokarna [also read: When a Gokarn travelled to Gokarna] and visit Goa on the way back. We had spoken to a friend who runs a curated travel service called wanderbug.in, go check her site out for some awesome off-beat travel destinations, she suggested ‘wildernest goa’ to us.

Just off Chorla Ghat, South Goa lies this resort. We spent 4 days there, and I thought I could spend more.

Things to do

We were all in my car when we reached the hilly region where wildernest lies. We had to park at the foothill, you’ll see a lot of cars there, just call the resort requesting a pickup and they’ll arrive with a jeep. The terrains preety rough, so unless you want to off road with a good four wheel drive, use their transportation services.

We checked in and had taken 2 cabins in the forest, the other option was cabins by the valley which were a bit more expensive.

The Rooms

The rooms possess a very earthy feel to them, a room and an attached bath, it’s clean and the best part is they have a glass wall with curtains so you can choose to wake up to sights of being amongst the trees or just drape the curtains in if you want privacy. The prices are reasonable 5-6k per room, which can accommodate 3 adults.

Room at the edge of the forest
Way to the room



The amount you pay covers the stay and food, they have a yummy buffet, they have a south Indian, Goan buffet and I might say a variety of items for you. Alcohol wasn’t covered in the amount you paid, but there is a bar, with a variety of liquor you can choose from, we carried our own.


It’s perfect for a group of friends, couples, and couples with kids. You’ll have a great time, swimming in the infinity pool, hanging out on the machaan, or if you’re like us, sitting at the restaurant playing poker all day.

Us hanging out at the macchan
Pool shenanigans
Napping on the benches, after a day of doing nothing but looking at birds chirping.
Just before we got to wildernest, lies a sidewalk overlooking a river.

The next time you happen to plan a trip to Goa and feel well, let’s not do the standard beaches and parties, Wildernest is a great choice for you.

Have you been to Wildernest? if you have, I would love to hear from you and if you’ve enjoyed reading this post, do follow me by clicking the follow button to the right.

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