Delhi’s Deer Park

Being a Bombay girl, I’m used to the city life, the concrete jungle has a lot to offer, but Delhi has something special that Bombay lacks, that’s the super humungous parks they possess. Bang in the middle of the city, you’ll find some of the most surprising ecological wonders, one such park I went this time to was Delhi’s, Deer Park.

Where’s Deer Park


Unknown to a lot of tourists and locals alike, this park is situated in Delhi’s most affluent areas, Hauz Khas. Open from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm in the summers to 5:30 am  to 7:00 pm in the winters, this park offers you sights of unlike any other park I’ve seen, from a lake with fountains, ruins from the time of Alauddin Khiji to viewing Deer’s and peacocks.

 What can you do there

Jog amongst the lush greens

This park is different, go there early in the morning around 6 am, just before sunrise, you’ll find a lot of locals casually going about their daily routines, jogging, exercising or walking. With the park encompassing a huge area, this place encourages you to jog and explore its vastness.

Jog through lush greens
Explore ruins from the 13th century
Jog by the lake

While away time at the lake

There’s a lake bang in the middle of the park which has these intriguing leafless trees which have roots underwater, they have sort of these water fountains coming out of each just spurting out water.

Lake view
A panoramic view of the lake and jogging track

Get those Instagram clicks

Just before the dawn breaks, the park isn’t really lit up, it’s an ideal place to get those low light shots.


The entrance
The freaky Tree
The shady lamp

Look at the deer, peacocks and monkeys do their thing

The name gives it away they have a few deer in an enclosure inside the park, they have enough space to run around, so it’s not too bad if you’re lucky you’ll see peacocks, just randomly strolling with you when you’re out for a walk. They have a variety of rabbits and guinea pigs that kids can look at and monkeys just monkeying around.

Explore ruins from the 13th century.

The park also has a range of ruins, it’s rather fascinating to be jogging along some architectural masterpieces, made me feel aristocratic 🙂


Fetch that picnic basket

The park has some sprawling grounds where you can just lay that picnic mat and lie down amongst the tall trees.


How can I get there

By Road

We drove to the park, they have a parking lot just opposite the entrance, with ample parking space, the charges are 20 Rs per hour, it’s a safe place to park and you’ll find many cars out there in the morning.

By Metro

The closest metro station is RK Puram and then it’s a 1.7 km walk from there to Hauz Khas. The walk is serene, it’s mainly a residential area, it’s got a lot of small lanes that you can walk through.

What more can I do in Delhi

After your long walk have your morning coffee at the Qahwa Diner cafe, that’s the only cafe open that early.

There are many more of these unknown wonders in Delhi that can be explored, subscribe to my blog as I’ll be talking more about them and the unique experiences they offer.

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