A Holiday in Rome

When we had our first international trip to plan, the finger stopped at Italy, well it had to, for its history, its people, its art and its scrumptious food.

You know how many bloggers will suggest Italy as the ultimate destination to try out but most might say that Rome is too touristy and should be left out, try the untouched, unexplored countryside instead, well most of them might be right about a lot of the other cities in Italy, but try the things I did to make my Roman Holiday interesting and my first city in Europe not so “touristy“. I plan to make you feel the Amore of this beautiful city. Continue reading “A Holiday in Rome”

The Hampi Bike Trip

As I sat there sipping my vodka and orange juice I starred at the steely grey waters of Ashwem beach, as the sun went down the sky burst in the evening colours of orange and red, I sat back to take another swig of my screwdriver and think about my first long bike ride through the beautiful Bangalore highway to the rustic scenes of Hampi to the Hippyness of Goa. Continue reading “The Hampi Bike Trip”

Delhi’s Deer Park

Being a Bombay girl, I’m used to the city life, the concrete jungle has a lot to offer, but Delhi has something special that Bombay lacks, that’s the super humungous parks they possess. Bang in the middle of the city, you’ll find some of the most surprising ecological wonders, one such park I went this time to was Delhi’s, Deer Park. Continue reading “Delhi’s Deer Park”