My Croatian Odyssey – Part I

After days of discussions and contemplating which countries we should travel to in Europe, the pin landed on Croatia. The land of beaches and parties they said, we did the former and much more along the way. In this post, I am going to talk all about our 2-week odyssey to the land of the Game of Thrones, the land that has seen one of the worst ethnic wars in the world and the land that has risen to almost winning the World Cup.
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10 ways to become a girl biker

I started riding about 2 years ago. Always had a craze for motorcycles since I was a kid, but was always afraid to ride. The parental pressure worked there. It all began when I forced my husband, my boyfriend back then to lend me his Avenger 200. Easy bike to ride, my feet touched the ground, it’s a nice cruiser to start off on. He helped me understand how the gears worked. Continue reading “10 ways to become a girl biker”

When a Gokarn travelled to Gokarna

The Plan

Road trips have always been my thing. Driving to your destination has a different kind of thrill to it, and when it’s with your best friends, it becomes one of the most exhilarating things you can do. Five friends, one car, two destinations, and one of them was my homeland that I’d visit for the first time. Continue reading “When a Gokarn travelled to Gokarna”